Govt.License No:443/060/061

Mr. Amber Bahadur Kafle

Message from the Chairman

There are more job opportunities in the global economy as population growth rates slow in industrialized countries. Immersion needs are more scientific, and fulfilling them would be a huge challenge. This requires a significant change in the recruitment process.

Because this manpower export mechanism was created at a pivotal time for this country, I would like to express my appreciation to everyone we have come into contact with.

The success of this labor export industry served as a rock upon which Nepal was founded and is essential to the advancement of our country. These circumstances would not be conceivable without your unwavering confidence in I.M.S. Manpower and the sincere, dependable, and tireless Nepalese workforce that has come to symbolize our partnership.


The main goal of this institution is to continuously strive for preferential treatment of Nepalese citizens by securing the employment of more workers. Steering clear of widespread unemployment by outsourcing. I, the Government of Nepal, and everyone else involved in this project owe you lifetime gratitude.

Mr. Amber Bahadur Kafle


Mr. Narendra Kathet

Message from the Executive Director

Overseas employment and remittances have grown to form the foundation of the country's economy. We started our organization in a young endeavor to help the nation and the businesses that are looking for the right person at the right time and place.

In our opinion, our duty to our esteemed clients extends beyond merely providing Nepalese labor but also fast service. We want to reassure our esteemed clients that we will do everything possible to meet their needs and build a long-lasting business relationship.

As was already said, despite any obstacles, this group has successfully maintained its prestige and notoriety. Finally, let us take this chance to express our gratitude to both the parties who have frequently kept in touch with us and the overseas employment suppliers for the organization's promotion and assistance

Mr. Narendra Kathet

Executive Director

Mr. Kedar Acharya

Message from the Managing Director

Our organization's guiding principles of integrity, sincerity, dependability and exceptional service have enabled us to guarantee unmatched service in the recruitment sector since 2003. They have also continuously guided our tremendous success in workforce export to the middle-east, south-east, and other nations worldwide. 

We successfully helped job seekers get employment abroad. Since we secured a recruitment license from the Government of Nepal in 2004, almost 10,000 people have found employment.


Our goal and goals are focused on meeting and exceeding client demands. In recruiting, we are dedicated to securing the hiring of qualified individuals who are skilled, semi-skilled, and unskilled in various categories and sectors, mobilized in the shortest amount of time to maintain the highest level of service demanded by the client. To meet the demands and objectives of our clients, we have a creative and unorthodox service staff. We appreciate and believe in our motto, “Service for humanity.”

Mr. Kedar Acharya

Managing Director

Mr. Ramesh Poudel

Message from the Operation Director

I.M.S. Manpower Pvt. Ltd. serves as a liaison between foreign employers and Nepalese employees. The Nepalese government has properly registered it. Its primary goal is to identify qualified expert human resources and make them available on the global labor market following the demands of overseas businesses.


We have a good relationship with a reputable polytechnic university, from which we promote the abilities of our employees—from unskilled to semi-skilled to skilled—and help them to meet the demands of our client organizations. It serves as a link between Nepal and countries that import labor globally.


The I.M.S. Manpower Pvt. Ltd. investigates employment opportunities for thousands of Nepalese youngsters each year and is fully equipped with everything a firm of an international level needs. It has a pool of comprehensive solutions for all human resource needs.


We find skilled, semi-skilled, and unskilled labor through advertisements and our official channels. To meet the demand for highly skilled and qualified manpower, we headhunt. Today, many of these workers flock to our business for prompt, high-quality service. I.M.S. Manpower Pvt. Ltd. has a fully functional management team with quick service for our clients worldwide.

Mr. Ramesh Poudel

Operation Director

Surendra P. Paudyal

Message from the Business Development Director


Surendra P. Paudyal

Business Development Director