Govt.License No:443/060/061

About I.M.S. Manpower

I.M.S. Manpower Pvt. Ltd. is a verified portal for the employment of Nepalese Workers in foreign countries with a recruitment license from the Government of Nepal in 2004. Duly registered with the Nepalese Government, our main cause is to act as a pedestal for every person on the road to the international job market. To meet the requirements of foreign employers, we are partnered with a reputable polytechnic institution that provides comprehensive training for skilled/unskilled workers alike to cater to the requirements of our client companies.


Fully equipped with an infrastructure complying with international standards, the Company has sought and acquired employment for thousands of Nepalese youth every year. This organization has a repository of complete solutions to any problems with human resources. We recruit many highly technical professionals seeking quality, prompt services through advertisements and official channels for the workforce. 


I.M.S. Manpower Pvt. Ltd. has built a solid reputation for excellence in outbound hiring. The business supports a strategy that combines competence and quality. Working abroad has been the go-to option for Nepalese millennials looking for better employment possibilities.


We have made a difference in terms of service quality, as well as our contribution to lowering unemployment and strengthening our nation's economic foundation, as evidenced by the large number of individuals who have been successfully recruited from our organization to numerous organizations in the Middle East and Eastern Asia in multiple categories to date.


This Company has successfully satisfied the workforce demands of many Gulf countries - Saudi Arabia, the U.A.E., Bahrain, Qatar, Kuwait - and Malaysia and other countries for their staffing requirement. The Company always interviews to select the qualified and the best candidates and pays its full attention to satisfy the demand. No complaints from the employing countries regarding the services given by this agency have so far been received.


Our impeccable management team offers speedy solutions for human resources all over the globe. A fast-track mechanism with immediate responses regarding all inquiries related to the industry further accentuates our services up a notch. We are proud to proclaim ourselves as a leader in manpower solutions in all of Nepal. 

Why You Should Choose Us

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Best Future Advices

Employee recruitments are nothing new in 2022, yet they are still difficult to get right. We offer you the guidance that is most appropriate for your role in consideration of your skills.

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Fast Solution

In our opinion, our duty to our esteemed clients extends beyond merely providing Nepalese labor but also fast service.

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Life Time Support

We want to reassure our esteemed clients that we will do everything possible to meet their needs at each and every step.